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Filer och tips jag finner värda att dokumentera.
Ett stort -Tack för hjälpen! till Joakim, Pascal, Wilm och Simo... och alla Ni andra

Files and hints I find worth documenting.
A great big -Thanks! to Joakim, Pascal,Wilm and Simo... and all You others

A HTML manual is also available at Ron's TD166/146 Manual

A HTML manual is also available at by Steve Clarke on 160 (with inside picts and mods)

A HTML manual is also available by Armando C on 125mkII

A Photo album is also available at Dana's TD160 Manual

A page with great 124-info

A page with further Thorens info (and other brands as well)

A page with lovely Thorens pict (as well as good info in general from Holger Trass)

The source of the "evil" :-) Thorens

Dokument / Documents

Några filer med manualer till Thorens, och lite diy kabel.
A few files with manuals for Thorens, and some diy cable.

TD124 (1221kb)

Manual for TD124 Eng

TD126 (5299kb)

Manual for TD126mkIII Eng/Ger/Fr

TD146 (743kb)

Manual for TD146 Eng/Ger/Fr. (Complement to TD166 maual)

TD160 (743kb)

Manual for TD160 Eng/Ger/Fr.

TD166 (3002kb)

Manual for TD166 Eng/Ger/Fr. (All you ever want to know...)

TD166_sv (549kb)

Manual for TD166 Sve (Complement to TD166 manual)

TD320 (2412kb)

Manual for TD320mkII Eng/Ger/Fr

Decca/AEC (2412kb)

Info on Decca Maroon/Gold (aka. AEC-C91/C91E) Eng/Ger

Plus (5kb)

A DIY braided cat5 speaker cable Sve

Kryss (5kb)

A DIYbraided cat5 interconnect Sve

Om någon har manualer eller annan info om Thorens som inte är listad här så var vänlig skicka mig
scannade filer (jpeg eller tiff med max 300dpi och max 800kb bifogat) på paer@kurir.net

Anyone who has a manual or other info about Thorens decks not listed here do please mail me a scan
(jpeg or tiff in max 300dpi at maximum 800kb attachment) at paer@kurir.net